DMGFON access options

SMS callback

SMS number: +447950081222
Send SMS from your mobile to make a call. view instructions »

Web callback

Initiate call using our website. view instructions »

ANI callback

Callback number: +17134742319
Leave unanswered call and wait for system to call you. view instructions »

Why Choose DMGFON?

  • Great connectivity and sound quality
  • No hidden fee (30/6 seconds billing)
  • Online account management
  • PC2Phone dialer option
  • All accounts are rechargeable
  • Great service at best prices
  • Pinless dialing
  • IP phone option
  • International Callback feature
  • Wholesale termination
  • Speed dial option

Latest news

New SMS CALLBACK number is working now...


Great news! New sms callback number is working now. It is +447781481818. You can use this number for ... More »

Access numbers have been changed


Our new local access numbers: +17733375730 CHICAGO, IL +12167442598 CLEVELAND, OH +1 ... More »